Whatever your learning preference or schedule requirements, USS has the training methods to accommodate your needs.

On-Site Training

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USS has MSHA and OSHA Certified Instructors that will train your employees at your facility. We bring everything we need for the training; you supply the venue; Tables, Chairs, Food, Snacks, etc…Cost is $1,685.00 plus mileage and motel for up to 22 people. More than 22 people will be $ 75.00 per person up to 60 people. Over 60 people, there is no additional charge per company. Refresher course will be completed in 8 hours. New Miner courses will be completed within 3 days (24 hrs) and cost $1,685.00 per day. 

Public Training

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Our public classes are in blue. Here you can register and pay for the class on the date and location that works best for you! Our sponsored by classes are in orange. For USS, Sponsored by means, a class that a private company is holding but allowing others to join. To join one of these classes you need to register and pay with the number provided in the details of that class.

COVID has brought about many changes for us as well. At a public class we set the tables for spacing and will limit class size depending on the room size. We also have hand sanitizers on the tables however do not require masks. We do encourage everyone to do what they feel is best for them. I know this is very controversial as you can imagine how difficult it is for us to make everyone happy! If you are comfortable with that great! If not, Great, we have an online option available as well!

Either way, we want you to get the required training you need and stay healthy in that process!




Zoom Connect

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Zoom Connect is available to our MSHA Part 48(b) people with 2 great options!

Option Number 1: You can join the zoom connect open window from Monday – Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. I am super excited about this option because it will allow MSHA Part 48(b) people to come in and out for up to 2 weeks to complete their training.

Here is how it works, you simply click on the button above which will take you to the Zoom Connect calendar, pick your start date, pay for your training at which time you will then be given a link to connect to the training and the zoom meeting. You can work at your own pace, the MSHA Part 48(b) instructor is available for questions if you need. Once you have completed your training, your 5000-23 certificate will be emailed to you. Print the certificate, sign it and you are all set. That’s it!

The cost for this type of training:

New Miner $199.00 and Refresher $99.00

Option Number 2: You can have a live zoom meeting for your company. With this option, you pick the training date that works for you, our calendar will let you know if the live zoom meeting is available on the date you request, pay for your date and you will be scheduled for a live session with one of our MSHA Approved Part 48(b) Instructors. At the end of class the 5000-23 forms will be emailed to the person specified during registration.

The cost for this type of training:

New Miner $ 240.00 and Refresher $ 120.00

Both types of training are compliant with MSHA, you are connected with an approved instructor and you will receive the proper documentation!

Both of theses trainings require you to have a computer with a camera for the connection to be compliant with MSHA!





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This is a prerecorded session for MSHA part 46 people done by Sherri Mohr that you will be given a link to join, there will be no live interaction. You may have up to 2 weeks to complete this course at your own pace. The cost for refresher training is $ 60.00 per person. The cost for The new miner training is $150.00 per person. After you have completed your training you, or the person specified will receive your 3 training certificates, all MSHA compliant! We fill everything out on this end for you, you print and sign with appropriate signatures in the appropriate spots. Just like in our instructor led classes! you do not need a zoom connection for this course!


  • Part 46 New Miner and Refresher

MSHA Requires all New Miners working on a Mine Site site after October 2nd of 2000 to have 24 hours of New Miner Training. And an 8 hour annual Refresher course by the last day of the month you were previously trained in.

An Inspector will want to see your Company training plan, Task Training Sheets, Your Part 46 Training Certificate just to name a few. ( part 46 people have until the end of the day to provide this information to MSHA or until Monday if you were asked for it on a Friday) It is always easier to have this information with you!

  • Part 48b New Miner and Refresher

MSHA Requires all new miners working on a mine site after February 3, 1999 to have 24 hours of New Miner Training. And an 8 hour Refresher course by the last day of the month you were previously trained in. 

An Inspector will want to see your Part 48b MSHA Approved Training Plan and your 5000-23 certificate. (You must have these on site with you if you are a part 48b person)

For more answers to Training Regulations, you will find them on MSHA’s Website Here MSHA CFR 

Or feel free to call the office and talk to Sherri, If there is a question you have and she can not answer it, she knows who can!

What to expect when you partner with USS for Part 48b and Part 46 New Miner and Refresher Training:

  • Training that is up to date and kept current with the changing regulations and mandates.
  • Training that covers all of the required topics in a format that is engaging.
  • Topics that can be customized to fit your business and its needs.
  • Instructors that are knowledgeable and fun to work with.
  • A company that can extend its services beyond training to keep you compliant.
  • A company that will work after hours to make sure you have the proper documents when needed.
  • A company that has an extended list of contacts to help you with anything you need.

Signage, Equipment, Lawyers, Insurance needs, etc. …