We are the largest safety training and consulting company in the Midwest. We are experts in workplace safety and government compliance and work with you through planning, training, compliance management and beyond to determine the best and most cost effective approach for your workplace safety needs.

We specialize in MSHA, OSHA, SFI, and DOT compliance and offer the latest in online and in-class training methods and document management technologies. Our unique and innovative training methods are designed to accommodate any schedule and can be fully customized to meet your workplace safety needs.

What We Provide Our Clients

At United Safety Solutions we offer a wide array of customizable services to accommodate your company’s training and compliance needs. We take pride in our work and in our relationships with our clients – we do not have set schedules, we work to accommodate your schedule. We operate by a core set of principles that prove our commitment to our clients and have helped us to build and maintain relationships spanning over two decades.

Although we feel safety is priceless, at United Safety Solutions, we strive to keep our prices reasonable while maintaining high-quality and engaging training programs for our clients.

We understand the importance of convenience. We offer instructor-led training throughout the United States and online training through our LMS that can be accessed nation-wide. We also sell current training packages to accommodate your desired safety training method for your own in house trainers. Your trainers do not have to spend hours designing your company training material, we do that for you and provide 24/7 access to a training portal of your own.

We partner with you to meet and exceed your company’s compliance goals. From conducting assessments to writing customized compliance guides for your company, we strive to make sure your employees are working SAFE and that your company is adhering to federal regulations while keeping your employees current on federal training regulations.

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USS Team

Sherri Mohr

Position: CEO & Training Director

Hi, My name is Sherri,

I originally got my start teaching CPR and First Aid classes, with many late nights, long hours, and sacrifices, United Safety Solutions and I started a long journey together which would eventually lead to the formation of one of the larges Training and Consulting companies in the midwest.  I currently hold 21 acronyms for safety qualifications and degrees that I  have worked very hard to acquire and maintain. Over the past 30 years, the business has grown from 1 (just me) to 12 full and part-time team members. Together, we help you stay safe and secure your compliance in the eyes of our federal and state governments! If you are reading this you know what I mean and understand completely what a job that can be!

I have probably trained a lot of you, so you already know all about me and I hope you can agree when I say myself and the entire team at United Safety Solutions are qualified, certified, and eager to help you maintain or achieve your safety compliance goals!

Thank you for your business and confidence in United Safety Solutions

Sherri Mohr

CEO & Training Director

Hi, My name is Sherri, I originally got my start...

Beth Berndt

Position: VP of Operations

Hi My name is Beth

I have been working with United Safety Solutions for the past 10 years. I enjoy the people and the busy, the business brings! I have had many years of experience and education to train me for this job.

My main role at United Safety Solutions in 2021 will be handling payroll, invoicing, and billing.

I look forward to working with you on all your safety and compliance needs.


Beth Berndt

VP of Operations

Hi My name is Beth I have been working with...

Todd Mohr

Position: Training Instructor

Hi My name is Todd

I am a certified Part 46 and Part 48b MSHA Instructor. I have 10 years of experience working with United Safety Solutions and a long background in automotive mechanics and viper sales.

I am also the head trainer in OSHA Construction and General Industries holding certifications in Fall Protection, Confined Space, PPE, Chemical Safety, Task training in all equipment types and more.

I look forward to learning more about your company and its specific needs so that I can help you stay safe and compliant with MSHA and OSHA.

Todd Mohr

Training Instructor

Hi My name is Todd I am a certified Part...

Orlando Macias

Position: Safety Translator/Instructor

My name is Orlando Macias. I am an easy-going type of guy that loves pizza and my favorite sport is soccer. I have worked in several farms. The first few years were fun, the last couple were not so much.  During all the years working I noticed that there were many safety issues in the workplace, the main one for me was the language.

Not knowing exactly what I was told to do sure made things difficult but after all the cuts and bruises I gained experience and now I love helping others not make the same mistakes I have made.

The language barrier is a big problem and having all of the workers on the same page is a big step in keeping everyone safe. Whether you love pizza, spaghetti or if your favorite sport is soccer or football we can all benefit from proper safety training in your own language.

I look forward to training you in a language you can learn the biggest values in safety!

Orlando Macias

Safety Translator/Instructor

My name is Orlando Macias. I am an easy-going type...

Betsy Keithline

Position: Western Division Manager

Hi My name is Betsy

I am an MSHA part 46 Instructor. I have over 18 years in the Aviation industry with a thorough knowledge of FAA regulatory and compliance training.I started my working career in the General construction industry, gaining over 10 years of valuable OSHA and DOT experience. I have over 6 years of hands on construction, sand and gravel terminal, and load out facility experience.

I have a  Bachelor of Science degree from Regis University and hold a Paralegal Certification from Duke University. I recently graduated with Part 48b instructor trainers diploma from the mining academy in Beckley West Virginia and OSHA General Industry trainers certificate.

I look forward to helping United Safety Solutions Keep you compliant and safe!


Betsy Keithline

Western Division Manager

Hi My name is Betsy I am an MSHA part...

Mike Pusnick

Position: Training Instructor

Hi my name is Mike

I have worked in the construction industry for over 40 years doing masonry, concrete, carpentry, plumbing roofing, and everything in between.

I have dealt with OSHA since 1972 and MSHA since 1977 and have 10 years mining experience holding various positions.

I have been operating farm equipment my entire life. I am retired from John Deere Company and Kubota Tractor Corporation where I held various field and training positions.

I started in the training of MSHA and OSHA with Wisconsin safety Services and have spent the last 5 years with United Safety Solutions.

I am a transplant from Pennsylvania who has had the opportunity to work in all areas of the country. I was also hired by Nationwide Insurance to train people in Ag and Heavy equipment repairs as well as doing Large Loss claims which is why I am the go-to guy for site assessments.

I have a BS degree from Penn State and a Degree in Power Mechanic from The University of Pittsburgh.

Looking forward to helping you with your safety needs!

Mike Pusnick

Training Instructor

Hi my name is Mike I have worked in the...

Sandy Campbell

Position: Training Content Specialist

Hi my name is Sandy

My husband and I have two children and two grandchildren. I have 25+ years of regulatory and compliance experience in the general industry; including the healthcare and educational fields. I am a Certified CPR and First Aid train the trainer as well as MSHA Part 46 Trainer.  My husband and I, also own and operate an auto parts store in northern WI, with our son at our side. My passion is helping people, personal growth, family and traveling. Working with the United Safety Solutions team provides me the avenue to accomplish all my passions while doing my work. I’m thrilled to be a part of a team that is committed to providing you, up to date educational material, and personalized on-site or on-line consultant/coordinator services.


I look forward to helping you grow in your compliance needs.

Sandy Campbell

Training Content Specialist

Hi my name is Sandy My husband and I have...