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State and Federal Regulations
We assess, plan, execute, train, and manage your workplace safety and compliance. At United Safety Solutions our business is the safety and compliance of your business.MSHA TrainingOSHA TrainingSDS TrainingCPR/First AidDOT Training
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MSHA Training

OSHA Training

SDS Training

CPR/First Aid

DOT Training

The website was intuitive and easy to use. Thank you for the training (MSHA 46 – 8 hour course). I have received nothing but positive feedback!
Breanna B.
Breanna B.ISO & Training Coordinator
United Safety Solutions gave me the best price for my company compliance training.
Wallace S.
Wallace S.Environmental, Health & Safety Manager
I believe in good communication from the business to the customer. Initially I was put in contact with you via a third party, once I introduced myself and assumed the talking points I was replied to within a very reasonable time frame. Thank you for the great training,
Stuart W.
Stuart W.Facilities Health & Safety Manager
Sherri did an outstanding job of working with us on getting the fall-safety solution that works best for us. She was prompt in returning phone calls and e-mails and ensured that we were in complete compliance.
Bob F.Program Manager
I was very happy with the level of service from your company and also the response from my first request and very helpful on choosing the training product.
Jeremy M.Building and Grounds Supervisor
United Safety Solutions did a great job communicating what they could do and worked with me to insure I got the right training. What impressed me most was their customer service. After my first conversations with customer service I knew my company and employee were in safe hands.
Vonn S.Vice President
“Awesome instructors! Best I’ve seen with knowledge of OSHA standards!
Sally S.Safety Manager

Training Solutions

Unparalleled Service & Expertise to our Clients

We Specialize in MSHA, OSHA, and CPR /First Aid

We are the largest safety training and consulting company in the Midwest. We are experts in workplace safety and government compliance and work with you through planning, training, compliance management and beyond to determine the best and most cost effective approach for your workplace safety needs.

We specialize in compliance and offer the latest in online and in-class training methods and document management technologies. Our unique and innovative training methods are designed to accommodate any schedule and can be fully customized to meet your workplace safety needs. We are also on-site and hands-on trainers for your equipment, mock disaster drills, and more.

A wide array of customizable services to accommodate your company’s training and compliance needs.

Reasonable prices while maintaining high-quality training programs.

Instructor-led training throughout the Midwest and online training through our LMS that can be accessed nation-wide.

A wide array of customizable services to accommodate your company’s training and compliance needs.