May 2, 2017

Meet Our Team

Meet some of the awesome members of our team

Sherri Mohr
CEO & Training Director

Hi My name is Sherri, I am the keeper of all the crazy people here! I have over 30 years of experience in health and safety.

I counted and have 21 acronyms for safety qualifications and degrees that I currently hold and have worked very hard to acquire, I could list them all here for you but I have decided if you want them just ask and I will send them to you. Bottom line is I help you be compliant in the eyes of our federal government! If you are reading this you know what I mean and what a job that can be!

I have probably trained a lot of you, so you already know all about me. Trust me when I tell you , we are qualified, certified, and eager to help you maintain or achieve your safety compliance! If I don’t know, I have the resources to get you all the information you need.
Beth Berndt
VP of Operations

Beth grew up with a Dad who worked on a mine site as a foreman. Being the early 70’s that meant she spent time at the mine site. “We thought it was a great playground. My sisters and I ran around on the site, climbed stockpiles, climbed out and up on conveyors and played around on the heavy equipment”. Now years later Beth is United Safety Solution’s VP of Operations - and don’t worry - she knows NOT to do any of those things when she is on a mine site….

Beth is married and has been happily married to the same wonderful man “FOREVER” they have 2 grown and married children and 2 grandsons. She will happily tell you all about her family if you ask.
Katie Ison
Account Manager

Hi my name is Katie. Yes I am the one that answers the phone and most of your questions when you call United Safety Solutions. I am responsible for all of the course scheduling from time and place to food and fun, I make all the arrangements.

I am responsible for all invoiced payments , Paying bills, banking and ordering. I also take care of our Facebook page, run ads and am responsible for all speaking events and travel arrangements no matter what country we are flying to!

I am also the personal secretary to the CEO and do what ever the VP needs. Boy come to think of it I need a raise!
Amy Pender
LMS Coordinator

Prior to working at United Safety Solutions Amy attended the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and pursued a career in mathematics education.

She has a widespread background in mathematics and instructional techniques. However, with Amy’s passion to continually challenge herself, she left the education field and pursued a childhood dream of working in finance. Amy soon realized that her enthusiasm for teaching was still there.

As the LMS Coordinator and eLearning Trainer since 2015, Amy looks forward to help companies utilize digital learning to have engaging and interactive training. Amy is also excited to expand her role with United Safety Solutions to bring her enthusiasm and passion to educate individuals to our MSHA classes as an instructor.
Orlando Macias
Safety Translator

My name is Orlando Macias. I am an easy-going type of guy that loves pizza and my favorite sport is soccer. I have worked in several farms first few years were fun the last couple were not so much but during all the years working I noticed that there were many safety issues in the workplace, the main one for me was the language.

Not knowing exactly what I was told to do sure made things difficult but after all the cuts and bruises I gained experience and now I love helping others on not making the same mistakes I have made.

The language barrier is a big one and having all the workers on the same page is a big step on keeping everyone safe. Whether you love pizza, spaghetti or if your favorite sport is soccer or football we can all benefit from proper safety training in your own language.
Betsy Keithline
Western Division Manager

Betsy Keithline, MSHA part 46 Instructor. She has over 18 years in the Aviation industry with a thorough knowledge of FAA regulatory and compliance training. She started her working career in the General construction industry, gaining over 10 years of valuable OSHA and DOT experience. She has over four years of hands on construction, sand and gravel terminal and load out facility experience.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Regis University and holds a Paralegal Certification from Duke University. She recently graduated with her Part 48b instructor trainers diploma from the mine academy in Beckley West Virginia and her OSHA General Industry trainers certificate and looks forward to helping United Safety Solutions Keep you compliant and safe!

Betsy lives in Denver, CO with her dog Kinley and enjoys hiking, spending time with her family and watching the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche.
Mike Pusnick
Safety Instructor

I have worked in the construction industry for over 40 years doing masonry, concrete, carpentry, plumbing roofing, and everything in between.

I have dealt with OSHA since 1972 and MSHA since 1977 and have 10 years mining experience holding various positions.

I have been operating farm equipment my entire life. I am retired from John Deere Company and Kubota Tractor Corporation where I held various field and training positions.

I started in the training of MSHA and OSHA with Wisconsin safety Services and have spent the last 3 years with United Safety Solutions.

I am a transplant form Pennsylvania who has had the opportunity to work in all areas of the country. I was also hired by Nationwide Insurance to train people in Ag and Heavy equipment repairs as well as doing Large Loss claims which is why I am the go to guy for site assessments.

I have a BS degree from Penn State and Degree in Power Mechanic from The University of Pittsburgh.
Greg Cina
Active Shooter Trainer

Hi, my name is Greg Cina. I'm happily married , and together we have four adult children and two wonderful grandsons. One of my greatest joys in life is bringing laughter and smiles into the lives of those I cross paths with.

I have decided to come to USS to make a difference in peoples lives and to have a platform for which to be heard, regarding safety for others in the workplace. I bring a wide array of experiences, from agriculture, industrial, construction, excavation, trucking, warehousing, as well as highway construction, maintenance and safety.

I am fully aware of the shortcuts taking place in all these types of workplaces and the immense need to communicate those hazards via training, or at the very least, empower the employees to recognize these hazards in order to be safe, productive, and profitable for their employers.